Episode 3 - Pushing Yourself Physically To Gain Mental Strength


Episode 3: Pushing Yourself Physically to Gain Mental Strength

Guest: Darby Brender of Fusion Fitness

Hear the story of this incredible fitness brand. How it started, the challenges in between, and the courage to continue with the inspirational founder Darby Brender of Fusion Fitness.  Listen to her pursuit to find her passion outside of her most important job of being a mom.  

Darby and team’s ability to push you physically to exhaustion builds a mental strength to take on some of life’s scariest decisions.  They have built a community of inspiration and support that is truly changing lives.  Check out Fusion Fitness classes live in the Kansas City area www.fusionfitness.com or online at http://sweatlabfitness.mykajabi.com/. Also follow Fusion Fitness on Instagram or Facebook: @fusionfitnesskc

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