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According to the American Society of Training and Development we have a 95% probability of completing a goal when we have a regularly scheduled accountability appointment with someone we have committed to. Yes, that’s a 95% chance of actually completing your goal! I’ll bet on those odds any day!

Have you been dreaming of making something happen in your life? Maybe it’s launching a business. Maybe it’s getting your business into the multi-million dollar mark. Maybe it’s losing 20lbs. Maybe it’s some other audacious goal!

I want to work with a few super committed, driven, and all out ready individuals ONE on ONE. I want to pour my 20+ years of experience in Corporate America and building a multi-million dollar brand into a small group of individuals. If you are ready to take your career, your business, or your health to the next level, I want to work with you to make it happen!! That's right, I want to be Your Accountability Coach, Your Strategic Partner, Your Strong Voice In Your Head that tells you to keep going!

We'll work to craft a clear goal of where you are headed, a plan on how to get there, and then get to work to get you there!! Let’s do this!