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as introduced to fasting years ago, and as I researched and read more I became fascinated with the benefits.  I read more and more about a bone broth fast and all of the health benefits and I decided to give it a shot.  My first time doing it was a little rough.  My body had never done it before and I did not know what I was doing.  Day 1 was really hard, but by Day 2, I felt incredible.  I felt lighter, more flexible, my skin had a glow, I had more energy, I felt calm, and my brain felt clearer.  I could literally feel my body healing from the inside out.  I have since learned that the more you prepare, the better your fasting experience will be. 

There is a ton of research and information out there, so check it all out to see if a Bone Broth fast (or any fast) is right for you.

In general I use it to 1.) feel better 2.) improve my health 3.) teach my body to run on my fat stores 4.) reduce inflammation 5.) reset healthy eating habits 6.) remind me to appreciate food 7.) reset my taste buds to enjoy and appreciate real, fresh food 8.) increase energy 9.) sleep better 10.) increase mental clarity 11.) heal my gut and digestive system 12.) normalize blood sugar 13.) reset and level hormones.  



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What are Ketones?  What are the benefits of Ketones?  A low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet can convert the body into Ketosis which is when the body uses fat for fuel vs. carbohydrates.  When this happens ketones are released in blood and the body can then burn fat for fuel.   Some benefit from Ketones can include balanced hormones, elevated energy, improved focus, concentration, body composition, balancing blood sugar, and reduced inflammation.  A lot of great information is coming out and it’s exciting!



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