FASTING KIT (3 day): made up of all of my favorites to support a successful fast! Seriously the only way I make it through.


KETONES (Trial Pack): I was introduced to ketones this past year and I'm in love! They assist to convert you body into burning fat for fuel. So many health benefits when your body uses fat for fuel vs. carbohydrates.


KETONES (REPEAT ORDER): If you have tried ketones and you now need more, click here ;).

LonoLife Chicken Bone Broth.jpg

Bone Broth = Aloe Vera for your gut!

Beef Bone Broth.jpg

A hug for your gut! Heal your gut, heal your body!

Coconut Wraps

Love these filled with almond butter, banana slices, honey, and cinnamon then grill!

Favorite almond butter of all time....suuuuper creamy!!!

Grain Free Tortilla Chips

Perfect lime tang with some pico!

Perfect Bar.jpg

So good! Love to keep them in the car or purse for an emergency snack!

Almond Flour Wraps

The possibilities are endless for amazing flatbreads!

Cacao Nibs.jpg

Great chocolate chip substitute


GF Ramen. Cook it up in some bone broth and you've got some healthy ramen for the kiddos.

Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Chaga.jpg

Perfect for a subtle pick me jitters and no upset coffee stomach!

Four Sigmatic Green Coffee.jpg

Love this with some homemade almond milk....& it's good for your metabolism!

Four Sigmatic Cordyceps.jpg

Get fired up with some shrooms before a great workout! Have your best workout ever!

Lions Mane.jpg

A hug for your brain!



This stuff has the perfect nutrients and it helps clear brain fog!

Vital Proteins Collagen.jpg

Collagen for a youthful glow...and oh yea, good for your gut too.


E3Live provides over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids


I swear this stuff makes my eyes brighter!

Nuun Tablets.jpg

Love these Nuun tablets to replace or maintain electrolytes. They make caffeine free and ENERGY (caffeine) versions. Click below and search to see all the great options!


inspiration bracelet.jpg

Great daily reminder.

Daily Calendar 2018.jpg

A pick me up for every day in 2018!!

Fusion Fitness Sweat Lab.jpg

These workouts are the real deal! LOVE!

St Tropez.jpg

This is the best self tanner. It works fast and you can leave on for 1-3hrs depending on your desired level of tan intensity. It provides a nice brown/bronze color vs. orange.


5 second Rule.jpg

Great book to GSD!!

You are a Badass.jpg

Because you are a BADASS!

Habits of a Happy Brain.jpg

On the 2018 Reading List!


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