Bone Broth Fast (Tips for Survival)

A few ideas to get you through your fast.  Relax, take it easy on yourself.  Remember that sometimes moving your body can actually help you feel better even though it may not be what you feel like doing.  Schedule some fun appointments days or weeks before, so your schedule is set.  Stick it can do anything for 3 days ;). 

Ideas in no particular order:

1.) Allow for plenty of rest and rest when you are tired

2.) Fill your schedule to keep your mind busy - see lots of ideas below

3.) Drink lemon, cayenne, ginger, turmeric water or some version of these 

4.) Drink Blue Majik or E3 Live. Get it here. Great and easily digestable vitamins and minerals

5.) Add collagen to your broth

6.) Get a good book - The Audible app is great!

7.) Schedule a massage or go to one of those affordable feet massage places

8.) Get your nails done

9.) Get your hair done

10.) Sit in an infrared sauna - I don't know if this is recommended, but it makes me feel good when I fast

11.) Listen to Podcasts

12.) Didn't have time to get your broth ready....we got you boo...t.Loft has bone broth by the glass.  We can serve it up warm and ready for your belly.

13.) Take on a small cleaning or organizing project in your house

14.) Make a bullet journal

15.) Write in your journal

16.) Work on your planner

17.) Build a Pinterest board for a fun and exciting project

18.) Stay out of the kitchen - plan for other meals for your family so you are not in the kitchen

19.) Buy something new - new nail polish, new lip gloss, new lotion, new sox, new shirt, new workout bra, new tights. Can be something super small or something you've been wanting. You are earning it gurl or boy!

20.) Go to church

21.) Meditate

22.) Use the foam roller or roll on a hard ball (tennis ball, lacrosse ball, massage ball)

23.) Use your home massager

24.) Que your playlist

25.) Schedule a walk with a friend, your pooches, your spouse, your sibling(s)

26.) Schedule an easy bike ride on a new trail

27.) Schedule things when you normally hit your food craving period (mine is usually 5-7p)

28.) Light a candle

29.) Use your oil diffuser

30.) Get a chiropractic adjustment, reflexology, or acupuncture treatment

31.) Rent a movie you've been wanting to see

32.) Schedule an early evening game night (do not have snacks for game night ;))

33.) Clean out your kitchen days before your fast so there is nearly no food or definitely no tempting foods. When in doubt, throw it out. It's a good time to start fresh!

34.) Do not look at food blogs, food pinterest pages, or any social media revolving around food ;).

35.) Take a warm bath, light candles, soak in Epsom salt