FIT IN 40.

2018-01-07 Fit In 40 Intro.jpg

The BIG 4-0 is knockin’ at the door.  The age doesn’t necessarily bother me, but it’s a good life-milestone to both reflect on life’s past and dream about the future.  You’ve likely had those conversations throughout life that have included “by the time I’m 40……”   Some of those dreams are lived, some die, and some all-out change….thank God.  I can only imagine my 5’2” self trying out for the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleading team!!  Forty is that pivotal point when you have enough life experience to have experienced success as well as some impressionable, painful war wounds.  It’s that point in life that you still have plenty of time to make your dreams come true, yet you still think “you got it, you’re not THAT old”. 

As this big life milestone approaches, I dream of what can I do to be better?....To create unforgettable life’s work, be a relentlessly supportive mom, an epic wife, a cherished friend, and what it means to all out kick ass at life. What can I do to live whatever is left of my life to the fullest, to feel fulfillment, and to show up for all that is meant for me for the next 40+!  At my core I know I am better at all the roles of life, when I feel healthy from the inside out, so I set out on an audacious goal to get fitter than ever by my 40th birthday in 40 days!!! 

Over the past year, a demanding business, a family, and all the other roles of life have pulled at my heart.  In the interim, my mental and physical fitness has gotten pushed to 2nd level importance.  Physical fitness has always been my vehicle for mental fitness.  While I have remained committed to physical fitness, it has not been at my peak!  Whether it was playing sports, running a marathon, or just joining friends for fitness classes and events, fitness has always been a huge piece of my life.  Although I have still worked out a few times a week over the past year, I missed my INTENSE daily sweat sesh.  Those daily sweat sessions are about soo much more than physical fitness.  They are about pushing beyond the point you think you can go  and then going just a little further.  Those daily “push” sessions, give me reassurance that I can push myself beyond my limits and then some in other areas of life. 

Those crazy whispers in our hearts and souls pushing us in new directions are for a reason.  They don’t always make sense, but when they are real, the messages are relentless.  They continue to whisper and continue to get louder.  They pull us in scary new directions.  Those sweaty sessions give me courage to listen and venture into scary unknown territory.  It pushes me to be adventurous at life and see what is beyond the wall, so I can come back and share it with my kids, my husband, my friends, and anyone else it may help.  

Sooo I’ve committed to giving it my best over the next 40 day journey to finding my fittest self inside and out.  Here is my general outline for the next 40 days.  Jump in and join the 40 day journey, cheer from the sidelines, or just plain be an observer!  Here’s to commitment, focus, and accountability as I head into the next 40 days 😉.   Follow the day to day journey, recipes, tips, and tricks via Instagram stories @jill_minton

My Workouts:

Intense 60 minutes of cardio + weights daily. Striving for 40 workouts in 40 days.  I just feel better when I have a sweaty sesh each and every day.  Fusion Fitness is leading my workout journey with their classes and some personal training sessions to keep me on track ;).  

My Eating Plan:

1.  Whole, all natural foods only. Extra Veggies Please.

2.  Eat when I am truly hungry, but before I’m starving.  Eat to feel amazing.

3.  Eating Window of 11AM-6PM. Use intermittent fasting to give my body a break from the digestive process and give it a chance to use stored fat for fuel.

4.  No Sugar

5.  No Dairy

6.  Few Grains

7.  Good Fats

8.  Clean Proteins

9.  No Alcohol


1.  Daily Aquabotanical – E3 or Blue Majik (See my favorites page)

2.  Daily Collagen (See my favorites page)

3.  Daily Bone Broth – 2 Cups (See my favorites page)

4.  NRG – 3-4 times per week as a pre-workout (visit t.Loft ;)).